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Hello everyone! There have been some changes in the works here at Endocrine Wellness over the last several months: new logo, new location, new services/projects, and new website and blog!  I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the changes and what we have going on with Endocrine Wellness.

Endocrine Wellness was started in 2011 by Dr. Doris (my sister) and I to have a platform for doctors and patients to go to for information or mentoring. As we have grown, it became obvious our logo and website needed a little facelift! We wanted everything to be a reflection of our purpose and passion when it comes to integrative care.

Created by Chelsea Watkins at Stay Rad Art

The new logo has two really cool and more personal features: the triangle and the flower. The triangle brings us back to our roots as chiropractors. In chiropractic school we learned that the body is effected by the “3 T’s”: thoughts, traumas, and toxins. All three need to be addressed in order to have optimal health! Which in turn works with the new slogan, “Be better. Feel better. Live better.” It very simply pulled together our belief that everyone could be more, and have more life and vitality!

The flower is an Echinacea plant (one of my personal favorites!). Echinacea is one the most amazing herbs, and is the cornerstone for being truly healthy. Honestly, looking back, it was learning about Echinacea that got us so excited about herbal therapy. Our knowledge and use of herbs taken off from there!

New office in Springfield, IL

My new location has been the best and probably the hardest change for me. In December I sold my chiropractic practice to focus more of my time on Endocrine Wellness and my nutrition patients. Endocrine Wellness needed a place of it’s own, a home. For that matter, I did too; 2017 was a crazy/stressful year. After my dad died last May, the best thing I could do to honor him and make some sense out of his death was to devote more time to patient care and education. So many patients make decision about their health and wellness from a place of either fear or ignorance, they don’t know their rights as a patients. They often don’t understand the options they have and, as a result, a lot will suffer and shorten their life. I can’t change what happened to my dad, but I can make it mean something. Dr. Doris and I are looking at ways we can help other healthcare practitioners work with patients or our own patients more.

As for new services, Dr. Doris has been working hard, learning how to use and interpret the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) this past year. She has become quite the pro, and has been interpreting results for other practitioners along with implementing it in her own office with her patients. (Look for a blog in the future talking about what the HSR is and what it can tell you.)

I have a lot new projects in the works for 2018. One being new and improved professional workshops. In the past two years, I have done a few advanced workshops in various parts of country, and while I like them, they weren’t quite what I wanted them to be. They needed some revamping! I am excited about the changes I am making to them! I’ll be doing 3 new ones this year and if it goes well, like I think it will, I’ll add a few more next year.

We couldn’t give the logo an upgrade without also upgrading the website! One of the new features on the website will be this blog. Instead of doing my e-Newletter, I am going to do blogs, along with Dr. Doris. I feel it’s a better way to share information while keeping it more relevant and personal to what Endocrine Wellness is. Anyone interested in following the blog can subscribe by entering their email address into the Subscribe widget on the Contact page or Seminar Schedule page, or by clicking “Follow” on the bottom right corner.

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, thank you for being part of this journey. And to all the newcomers, Welcome!!

All the best,
Dr. Annette



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  1. Dr. Annette,
    I attended your Blood sugar…A Body on Fire seminar in December 2017 and I have been referring to my handbook almost daily since. Thank you for your dedication and support. You and Dr. Doris are appreciated and are helping others I assure you. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your new place and logo.
    Dr. Michelle G. Dodge
    Lowville and Sodus NY

  2. Hi Annette! Merry Matukonis here… I really like your new logo and signed up for your blog! I’m in transition. Working at Dr. Dan’s Natural Healing Center in Newburyport, Ma. I’m loving it! Last year I learned Nutrition Response testing to help me better prioritize with patient’s. Always so much to learn!, Congratulations on all your growth! And, I look forward to learning more with you in the future,

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