Dr. Annette’s Dallas Trip


I thought it might be fun to share my travels with you.  So, if it doesn’t sound like fun to you, here’s your warning to get off the blog right now! 😉

My love of teaching, collaborating and geeking out took me to the Dallas area this past weekend.  I started with a class of Tri-7 students at Parker University.  (For the non-chiropractors, these are the students going into clinic for the first time.)  I was a guest lecturer for Dr. Morales’ wellness class.  The theme for the weekend centered around understanding female hormones.  I wanted the students to look at how they could be different starting day one in their practice.  Women will make up a majority of their practice and that understanding female hormones required a broader view.  She is complex and her hormones are influenced by her entire endocrine system!  Her history matters.  If she’s on any medications, it matters.  If she is using birth control or hormone therapy of any kind…it matters!

Dr. Annette and Dustin Strong outside Parker University in Dallas, Texas – Feb 8 , 2018

We talked about simple ways we can support the female patient.  Education is key!  It is our responsibility to educate and a patient’s right to say yes or no to anything regarding their health – yes or no to supplements, herbs, surgery and medication.  To do that, our patients need to know how their bodies work a little better and what questions to ask.  They don’t know what they don’t know!

From there it was a full day on Friday hanging out with Dustin Strong, CNH-BC, collaborating on patients together and all about female hormone health!  I truly enjoyed being part of all the great things happening at Strong on Health.  All practitioners have different styles and I feel we can all learn something from each other or just appreciate all the ways we, as practitioners, can help individuals be better and feel better.

Saturday afternoon was the public lecture, “Hormone Therapy – What every woman should know before making a decision about hormone therapy and bioidentical hormones.”  The public lecture educated women on the basics of how their hormones function and interact with the rest of their body.  The issues surrounding all types of hormone therapy was highlighted. (More about this hot topic in future blogs!)

I came away from the weekend energetically refreshed!  When we give, we get so much more back.  It was a nice change from the professional lectures I give.  It felt really really good to be there.  I look forward to visiting Strong on Health, their amazing staff and Dustin Strong again!

Dr. Annette

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  1. Thanks and I enjoyed listening! I kinda wished it was an eight hour discussion. So many things about women’s hormones but you did great!

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