What’s in MY Health Cabinet!

I want to share my favorite supplements and herbs I keep on hand in case I get sick, hurt, or experience occasional digestive issues.  It’s not a short list but if you want to be prepared for just about anything, these will help!

Let’s start by breaking down into categories: Digestion, Allergies, Immune and Pain/Minor Injury.

Digestion – Zypan, AF Betafood, DiGest Forte, HiPep, DGL, DG Protect, GI Adsorb

  •  For general indigestion, I like Zypan, AF Betafood or Digest Forte. Ideally you would take these before you eat but let’s face it, that doesn’t always happen, so if you forget just take them after.  My personal favorite is Digest Forte! If you have digestive issues frequently, you should take one of these supplements consistently with every meal for 2-6 months minimum.
  • Heart burn, think HiPep or DGL. Both are great for heartburn and are meant to be taken after meals or before bed.  If this is a persistent problem, please reach out so we can correct any under lining issues that could be causing the heartburn.
  • DG Protect helps me when I have too much dairy or gluten. This can be taken before or after a meal containing dairy and/or gluten.  If you have a true allergy or strong reaction to dairy and gluten, DG Protect may not be strong enough.  It’s probably best for you to avoid them all together, but something like GI Adsorb might be more beneficial.
  • GI Adsorb can be used in multiple ways!  I’ve had some patients take it for heartburn. I’ve used it when something I’ve eaten from a restaurant doesn’t sit well with me!   Just remember it should be taken on an empty stomach, so it doesn’t adsorb other nutrients that we want to keep!!!

Allergies – Allerplex, AllergCo, Sinus Forte, D-Hist, Antronex, Black Cumin Seed Forte

  • Allerplex is a good all-around allergy support, especially for sneezing and irritated eyes. You can take a little or a lot!!  It pairs well with AllergCo for these symptoms.
  • If it is settled in your sinuses, Sinus Forte is the best one here!  It can be taken with Allerplex and/or AllergCo if allergies are really trying to kick your butt!
  • D-Hist and Antronex support a normal histamine response. They can be taken with any other allergy support and are great for hives when you have a more intense allergic reaction.
  • Black Cumin Seed is excellent for typical allergy symptoms and works better the longer you are on it.  I find that over time it helps the body’s response to allergies and lessens all symptoms.  Side note: it’s also great for blood sugar, digestion, and metabolism!

Immune – Echinacea Premium, Andrographis Complex, Congaplex, Viranon.

  • Echinacea Premium is the ultimate support for a resilient immune system!  It will work best when taken every day and can be increased during an infection of any kind.
  • For an acute infection, be it bacterial, viral, fungal etc., I pair Andrographis Complex with Congaplex.  I will take 4-6 Andrographis Complex tablets per day in divided doses and add in 3-5 Congaplex every couple of hours if I’m trying to kick it fast!  Congaplex can be used at any age!
  • Viranon is a combination of key herbs that address a viral load/current infection.  You can take 1-2 daily if you experience chronic issues, such as the herpes virus, but it can also be paired with the other immune supports when we are fighting an acute viral infection.  If it’s an upper respiratory infection, I think there are some additional products that are key if the Andrographis Complex and Congaplex won’t knock it out! Contact us if this is the case.

Muscle Pain/ Minor Injury – Nervagesic, Gotu Kola Complex, Saligesic, Turmeric Forte, Acute.

  • Nervagesic is excellent for muscle spasms or cramping.  I LOVE this one when I have slept wrong or maybe went too hard on my paddle board!  Typically, I will take 2 at once and see if I need to take more in a few hours.
  • Gotu Kola Complex supports circulation and connective tissue.  I have to be honest, I always take Gotu Kola but will increase it if I have hurt myself.  It’s also excellent for higher altitudes and hiking.
  • Saligesic is the rescue pain reducer!  It is made of Willow Bark and can be taken for any kind of pain.
  • Turmeric Forte can also be taken for pain and inflammation. Most people are already taking it! Turmeric just so happens to be excellent for many other things as well, like supporting the gut, immune system, brain etc.!  For general pain, you can take anywhere from 3-6 per day.
  • Acute is a supplement made with a special combination of herbs, but I think it’s the proteolytic enzymes that make it special!  It is excellent for acute injuries or pain.  It works best when taken on an empty stomach.  I have some patients who, due to their work, will take 2-3 before bed every night.

The best part about all these supplements is that none of them will tear up your stomach!

Ok, now time for the disclaimer!  The supplements I’m recommending come from companies I trust and have been using for a long time. I cannot make any claims or guarantees about other companies’ products.  Unfortunately, herbs can be adulterated or not meet label claims.  The only major caution I can think of is with Echinacea Premium and people with allergies to the daisy family. Although I’ve only come across 4 people in my 20 years in practice that couldn’t take Echinacea due to a daisy family allergy. There are also contraindications to St. John’s Wort and Licorice that may exclude some individuals from taking Viranon so please check on those before using it.

If you are new to me and aren’t sure what you should be taking, or you have more complicated issues, please reach out and set up a time to talk.  I would love to help you more!

Dr. Annette

P.S. Here is The Family Health Cabinet geared a little more towards little ones.

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