Herbal Blending Masterclass

Incase you missed it, Dr. Annette is making her Herbal Blending Masterclass available for a little bit longer! If you register by Friday, November 17 at 5pm CST you will receive the recording of the Herbal Blending Masterclass, a bound copy of the Herbal Blending Cookbook, and a link to attend the follow up Q&A that will be held on December 5 at 6pm CST.

Price $109 – Herbal Blending Recipe Cookbook and Masterclass Recording

Bonus Follow up Live Q&A on December 5 at 6pm CST

Registration is required by 5pm CST Friday Nov. 17! Register HERE!

Learn about the therapeutic benefits of Dr. Annette’s favorite herbs and how they can be blended together to support every patient. Whether you’re new to the world of liquid herbal blending or it’s been a part of your practice for awhile, this masterclass is perfect for you. Dr. Annette will guide you through the process, sharing tips and tricks to help you become an herbal blending master. 

Each registrant will receive a copy of Dr. Annette’s herbal blending book with over 65 of her favorite recipes to support a myriad of health issues from adrenal fatigue and thyroid support to blood sugar and digestion.!

Registration is required by 5pm CST Friday Nov. 17!  Register HERE!