Patient Educational Manuals

Endocrine Wellness Patient Education Manual Preview

The EW Patient Manual is a great resource for patients. It is full of information and tools they can keep on hand and use/reference whenever they need. At Endocrine Wellness, we have found that the more information we arm our patients with and the better they understand the ‘why’ behind what we are doing, the better results we get.

The manual is organized into tabbed sections for easy navigation.

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The Introduction section is full of educational articles written by Dr. Annette Schippel: “Why Whole Food Supplements?”, “Tired and Stress? A Look at Adrenal Fatigue”, “Hormones – Balance is Everything!” and more.

Them there is an ever-growing section on Stress Management. We all know the journey to wellness is neither linear or fair; this section is here to help patients keep a positive mind set while reaching their health and wellness goals. Among other things, this section includes goal setting worksheets that help break down goals into attainable, realistic parts. As well as an Appreciation Diary to help them focus on the good aspects of life and remind patients to stay positive.

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The next section is the Food/Diet section. In this sections patients will Dr. Schippel’s
Dietary Guidelines followed by Fiber and Protein Content lists. These have proved extremely helpful when talking to patients about recommended daily amounts of protein and fiber. There is also a Food Dairy and clean eating recipes that are also 21 Day Purification friendly.

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Following that is the Testing sections where there are prep instructions, check lists and helpful tips for almost every test we offer; hair analysis though ARL, saliva hormone testing through Diagnostechs and iodine skin patch testing. There is also a Results tab for patient to keep any test results they have in one place.

The last two sections are Supplements and  Additional Materials. Here patients will find the Product Detail Sheets for their supplements (behind Supplements) and a list of patient friendly book, documentaries, websites and companies Dr Schippel really like (behind Additional Material).

The Patient Manual is available for purchase below:

Option 1 : Basic Adult Manual

Hard bound copy of Patient Manual


Option 2 : E-file Adult Manual

Includes hard bound copy of patient manual along with a flash drive containing PDF versions of all content for reproduction.


Option 3 : Custom Adult Manual

Custom-made manual with logo (high res jpg) you provide. Includes hard bound copy of sample patient manual along with PDF versions of all custom-made content for reproduction.