Dr. Doris Kutz-Compton is an expert in whole food nutrition and dedicates her time to ongoing research and teaching professional seminars across the country along with teaching educational webinars. Dr. Doris has worked along side Dr. Annette in years past as a lecturer, teaching seminars and continues to provide consultation services to patients and health care professionals. Below you will find her most recent webinar series.

Please visit her website to register. For more information or if you have any questions please contact her office directly at 573.237.7800

You can download each webinar to view at you convenience. Each 70-90 minute module includes the audio-visual. Webinars may be purchased individually or collectively as a series.

Series 1 – Introduction to Hair Analysis
The Slow Oxidation Pattern: Implications and Applications
The Fast Oxidation Pattern: Implications and Applications
The Inversion (aka Low Na/K Ration): The Most Important Pattern
The Four High & Four Low Patterns: Stuck
Copper Toxicity: Hidden or Obvious

And a stand- alone presentation
Supporting Digestive Health: Endocrine Wellness of Common Gut Issues

Series 2 – Endocrine Series
Managing Menopause
Identifying & Supporting Perimenopause
Evaluation & Supporting Thyroid Health
Evaluating & Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue
Endocrine Wellness for Cycling Women Part I
Endocrine Wellness for Cycling Women Part II

Series 3 – Advanced Hair Analysis Topics
Hair Analysis: Recognizing Patterns
Hair Analysis: Understanding Ratios
Hair Analysis: Toxic Metals
Hair Analysis: Men’s Health
Hair Analysis: Children’s Health